When you are ready to sell your product or service, contact Soweto Classifieds via phone, Facebook or whatsApp with a brief description of the product or service you want Soweto to know about. Our Consultant will drive to you to verify existence and condition of your product/service, write a concise description of your product/service, professionally photograph your product/service, take your full contact details, sign off your listing, collect service fee payment and post your ad to the platform on the same day.
The reason we have to go through this tiresome but necessary steps and charge you for the effort is that; it is a trust thing!!!- buyers tend to inquire more and buy quicker from verified sellers such as yourself because buyers trust us to carry out a verification on you and items before we post your ad to the platform. Since you also trust your products and/or services, you should welcome and cooperate with the verification process.
Secondly, it is again a trust thing!!! The traditional Free-to-Post online classifieds are, in reality full of many non-existent or poor quality products/services that do not meet the expectations of the market. These ads are typically posted by misleading and fake sellers.

Lastly, it is also a credibility thing!!! We told ourselves, investors and users of this platform from the very beginning of this project that we are going to do our utmost to deliver a fake-free online exhibition of the treasures that Soweto offers. As such, we are duty bound to vigilantly patrol the platform to minimise the associated reputational & business risks and continue to stay trustworthy for the sake of all.
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